P-CELL, 3/16" PINK 37" X 30" - SDUR00257


Durometer: 20-25 Shore A
Molding Temperature: 225-275 F 2-3 minutes

P-Cell is a closed cell EVA foam that has been tested by independent research companies against Plastazote for abrasion, coefficient of friction, moisture deflection, durability and tensile strength. P-Cell was proven to be superior to Plastazote in each and every test. In fact, after walking for seven and one half miles on P-Cell, there was less “packdown” than a brand new piece of Plastazote!

According to independent testing through SATRA, Artech, and SGS U.S. Testing company, P-Cell is a superior product to Plastazote.

Superior Cushioning: P-Cell packs down 27 percent less than Plastazote.
Shock Absorption: P-Cell absorbs shock 41 percent more than Plastazote.
Tensile Strength: P-Cell has 114 percent greater tensile strength than Plastazote, which results in less tearing.
Moisture Deflection: P-Cell deflects moisture 209 percent more than Plastazote.