Shipping Policy

 Dear Valued Customer,

We want to thank you for your continued support of Friddle’s Orthopedic Appliances. As an independent, family owned business we strive to provide high quality products and services at pricing that is both competitive and cost effective. We continue to monitor trends in the O&P profession to ensure our products and services are in line with current demands at minimal lead times. Over the last three years we have absorbed increases in freight, but still continued to offer free and flat rate incentives. However, these are margins we now have to adjust. In an effort to support our partnership we have worked to prepare the following discount incentives on shipping beginning October 14, 2019.

Orders $500 will receive an approximate discount on shipping of 30%.

Orders $1,000 will receive an approximate discount on shipping of 50%.

  • Account must be within NET terms to receive the discount.
  • NO items are excluded from this incentive!

Please contact us with any questions. We value you and your efforts to partner with our small, independently owned business. Your relationship is important to us and we want to make every possible effort to ensure both of our businesses are successful.


Best Regards,


Rachel Friddle-Johnson, CPO, CEO