Central Fabrication

Welcome to Friddle's Central Fabrication!

Our Central Fabrication consists of a wealth of certified individuals to provide you with the most accurate, well designed orthosis or prosthesis. Our director is a CPO and CTP, who can expertly modify CAD CAM files, advise on materials, components, and design options. Our team of technicians is motivated to ensure quick turnaround times while maintaining our high quality standards. We offer full service prosthetic fabrication, spinal orthotics, and any type of foam carvings via CAD/CAM. We stay at the forefront of technology for prosthetic fabrication to ensure our products are reliable, verifiable, and repeatable with either our carbon fiber braider or 3D printing. No one can beat our 24 hour test socket turnaround time. We are a growing central fabrication facility, eager to continue along this path while helping O&P professionals around the country.

Please send all Central Fabrication inquiries and orders to: