TUFFTOE 1 PLY SHEATH BK 11" W/HOLE, 6/PK - 3000160


TUFFTOE® with gel-reinforced distal hole. A volume management tool, Tufftoe® is thinner at the distal end so that more socks can be added without the limb being pushed out of the socket. Also available in AK. Machine wash, tumble dry. No bleach. Sold by the six pack.
Reinforced Distal End
- Hole sewn with strong thread and added gel to increase strength
- Hole shaped to fit directly with the pin
- Reinforced hole eliminates unraveling or tearing
- Think yet strong 100% nylon reinforced distal end
Volume Control
- Use multiple TuffToe® socks to manage limb volume loss
Super Soft Elastic Material
- Stretches to accommodate a wide range of sizes
- Acts as a filler sock that clings to the prosthetic liner