ORFITRANS MED SOFT 12mm(1/2") X400mm X 400mm - 315-126


Ofitrans Medium Soft Thermoplastic Advantages:
It has properties that will enable the user to pull a sock over the model, pull vacuum around valves and get a good pull around the valve.
It has a low coefficient of friction which enables the user to fit a test socket and the fit once fabricated with Orfitrans Medium Soft will not be affected since it is not sticky/tacky.
Orfitrans Medium Soft can be pulled thin and will be much lighter in weight than other thermoplastics.
Cold flow will no longer be an issue even with thin thicknesses of pull. Orfitrans Medium Soft eliminates/minimizes cold flow issues.
It is ideal for use with BOA technology because cold flow is eliminated/greatly reduced.
It is firm enough for low trim lines, strong enough for supporting body weight while flexible enough to decrease the chance of damage to sealing sleeves on suction or vacuum Trans-tibial designs.
It is excellent to use for Sub-ischial AK fittings. The frame can be cut low to prevent puncture of liners in the NU-FlexSIV design for sub ischial fitting.
The industry is being challenged by payers. Your customers need a thermoplastic plastic material that will not cold flow and that will hold up over an extended period of time. Orfitrans Medium Soft is that material.
Frequently your customers experience a socket not fitting due to cold flow issues.
In most cases this issue has not been a very strong justification for replacing the socket especially if the volume of the patient limb has not changed or changed very little.
Orfitrans Medium Soft is excellent for cutting out large windows with reduced risk of cold flow in Transtibial or Transfemoral designs while being flexible enough to allow for relief and functionality of a flexible thermoplastic.
It will enable your customers to make the switch from soft thermoplastics that will cold flow to a material that when pulled thin will be flexible, will not cold flow and is lighter in weight.
Orfitrans Medium Soft can also be pulled thicker. This enables the user to achieve lower trim lines, support of the limb with suction of vacuum designs which allows for the frame of the sockets to be much lower resulting in greater range of motion while still providing enough stability.